How to Turn Back the Years With a Foundation That Works

The idea of being able to turn back the years to improve our appearance is appealing to all sorts of people. While the notion of time traveling is certainly something that we as humans are always looking for a way to improve our appearance we have come up against a number of problems in trying to figure out a way to do so.

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How to Turn Back the Years With a Foundation That Works 2

How It Used to Be

In the past, turning back the years has been done through painful plastic surgery procedures that will leave you disfigured and scarred for life. The biggest problem with these types of procedures is that they can only offer temporary relief. While we may be willing to pay thousands of dollars to get a certain look permanently, we are not willing to pay the permanent cost associated with turning back the years.

How It Is Now

Thankfully, scientists have come up with a better idea. In the past we have had to rely on a limited number of foundation colors when trying to reverse the tide of time. We now have better options and the foundation that suits our skin type best.

The idea behind foundation is simple. The more of it you apply, the better chance you have of turning back the years for good. If you have a complexion that is olive to olive, you will see the greatest results when using a very light foundation. This is because the lighter foundation that you use the deeper scarring will be from the procedures that were necessary to get to that foundation. For oily types, it is recommended that you use a very light foundation. You can still use a medium foundation if you wish but if you are looking for a more natural look you will see better results with a very light foundation.

With the right foundation, you will see improved skin tones, improved elasticity, and improved strength. The foundation you use should be one that matches your skin type best. An example of a foundation that matches people with oily skin is oil free when used daily and a powder foundation when used occasionally. With oily types, you would use a powder foundation daily, an example of a liquid foundation would be oil free on alternate days of the week.

By making the right foundation selection, you can help boost your self confidence and improve your overall appearance. You will be more satisfied with your overall look and find a way to turn back the years for good.